PERFORMANCES - The finality of fixing something by giving it a name.

          A monograph documentinga series of ‘performances’, interventions and observations that took place in a number             of commercial and public galleries in London throughout the summer of 2017. Using the contemporary art

         gallery as a stage for a series of irreverent disruptions claimed as performances, the project subtly point at and                   plays with the functioning motifs of gallery infrastructure. Utilizing the endless Helvetica wayfinding signage, blinking

         overhead CCTV, discarded press releases, unclipped velvet rope partitions, the bored invigilator and the ubiquitous

         imposing gallery ‘welcome’ desk as material for tounge in cheek happenings. 

          Publisher by SPHERES

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Instruction #2
Intervention for public performance
Marian Goodman, London, 2017
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